Airbnb for live entertainment!

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Hi guys, I’m Elliott, founder of Extravaganza! Extravaganza connects entertainers with event planners and consumers for events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate functions etc. We make the process of discovering and booking entertainers smoother, cheaper and more transparent. Our aim is to do for entertainment what Airbnb did for home rental, not just introduce a better solution, but make live entertainment more accessible to a wider audience. I’ll be around all day to answer any questions!
Extravaganza helped me to find the right entertainment for my wedding party! Thanks again guys! We'll definitely use it again for my future events!
@ca_terpillar Fantastic Diego! Always pleased to hear from a happy customer :) Congratulations on your wedding!
It has always been very difficult for me to find the right entertainers for my events. Had to rely only on people my friends or I already knew. This is a event-safer and a motivation to do more interesting events.
@giangiska I hear that Gianluca! ...And I completely agree, the more barriers we remove from booking live entertainment and the more frictionless the process becomes, the more adventurous people will become when it comes to entertainment at their events :)
This is a very creative idea Elliott! Are you looking into adding SMS to enable communication between your users and DJs/bands like Airbnb does?
@farah_berahman Thank you for the kind words Farah! We're still discovering the optimum way to facilitate communication between our users - right now we offer in-app messaging and are investigating both email integration and SMS yes :)
@elliottjperry If you are considering SMS, my company, Infobip can provide you with SMS connectivity. We have 350 direct relationships with the carriers in 190 countries. Feel free to send me an email if you'd want me to set up a free test account for you. farah.berahman@infobip.com