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Too soon
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With a 92% startup fail - an endless source of copyright free designs - smart !
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Ugh, want that Napster hoodie. I wonder, is there any intellectual property / commercial use problem in selling dead startups logos on a tee-shirt?
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@gillesbertaux I was going to ask the same question. How free are we to use these logos?
@gillesbertaux i wondered the same thing. Would love that Napster one. I have a bunch of extra shirts from still-alive startups @startupthreads though :-)
@gillesbertaux @startupthreads @frankdenbow I assume not since there is no legal team there anymore, if even a company
@gillesbertaux @startupthreads @frankdenbow @guygal so technically, for there to be IP issues, the startup would have to actually be using the trademark today. it would have to be in use. ill bet many have let their TMs expire. ... and even if they didnt, they'd have to weigh the economic benefit of paying a lawyer to send this company a cease & desist letter.
Or you go to any thrift shop in San Francisco... that's were all the dead startups shirts are ;)
Very smart idea guys. Love it! Hope we don't end on your website too soon with thebestsong.co... :-)