A site to find the dopest Chrome extensions out there

#4 Product of the WeekFebruary 10, 2017




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Daniel Greenberg
Hey everyone I'm so happy to launch this product. If you have any questions I'll be live all day to answer them. I'd like to shoutout the first extensions to be featured on the site www.privacy.com www.gettoby.com and www.joinhoney.com. Go ❤️ your favorites and submit what you think is a DOPE AF EXTENSION
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Partner https://theupstarters.co/
@15greenberg what did you use to build this? Looks slick 🔥
Daniel Greenberg
@bentossell what language?
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · making ideas happen at feathrd
Steven H@shtooova
@15greenberg awesome ! How do u get a .af website?
Arush@arush · Co-founder, Try.com
@15greenberg awesome. Nice to see someone posted Try.com on there but the URL they entered is /www.try.com which is not a URL. Can you remove the / so the link works? Thanks!
tom meagher@tomfme · now is good.
@ambonium @15greenberg @bentossell @kingpixil Yup, and the Vue.js Chrome Extension lights up on the site.
Shahed KhanHiring@_shahedk · Founder @ Loom. Prev @ Upfront VC
@15greenberg Looks dope! Just submitted Loom ;)
J.Quintanilla@jqlive · Film Consultant/Designer @ DFTY
@shtooova @15greenberg +1 l how in the world did you get the .af? ... Love the product, found some good extensions I've never heard of. But i ran into a link that doesn't work. How do you submit a bug or feedback?
Leslie Purchase@lputhenp · Co Founder Ourdata
@15greenberg Great execution. Trying to submit the Ourdata ad blocker but the button doesn't seem to be working.
Jói Sigurdsson@joisig · Founder/CEO, CrankWheel
@15greenberg Cool site! Just submitted CrankWheel 😇👹
Pavel Repkin@repkin · YoWindow weather app founder
@15greenberg Daniel, check out our YoWindow Weather. Is this weather dope enough? Sorry, I was not able to submit via your website. https://chrome.google.com/websto...
Siva NarayananHiring@k2_181 · Building Fyle.in
@repkin submitted Fyle! Thanks.
Jack Smith
@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
the chrome extensions store is not ideal for discovery; so it's good to see someone curating things here
Shahed KhanHiring@_shahedk · Founder @ Loom. Prev @ Upfront VC
Min Park@mynhpark · Blockchain Marketing (https://krown.io)
Cool directory! Just submitted "LINER" - https://chrome.google.com/websto...
Daniel Greenberg
@mynhpark looking forward for our panel to check it out
Mehdi B@bendrissmehdi · Full-stack developer
@mynhpark Cool extension :)
Paul Noonan@slowlight · Art Director
Nice! Suggestion: Curated collections for Productivity, Security, Entertainment, etc. Notably missing: Disconnect, uBlock Origin
Chris Schwartze@chrisschwartze · Head of Marketing @ Heroic Academy
This is dope af bro. Would love to see a feature in the near future that allows to switch to a grid view bro. Ight hang tight
Daniel Greenberg
@chrisschwartze tell me more features you wanna see
Chris Schwartze@chrisschwartze · Head of Marketing @ Heroic Academy
@15greenberg Haha alright on a serious note. I think implementing an easy way to share would be cool.