A site to find the dopest Chrome extensions out there

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Hey everyone I'm so happy to launch this product. If you have any questions I'll be live all day to answer them. I'd like to shoutout the first extensions to be featured on the site www.privacy.com www.gettoby.com and www.joinhoney.com. Go ❀️ your favorites and submit what you think is a DOPE AF EXTENSION
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@15greenberg what did you use to build this? Looks slick πŸ”₯
@bentossell what language?
@15greenberg awesome ! How do u get a .af website?
@15greenberg awesome. Nice to see someone posted Try.com on there but the URL they entered is /www.try.com which is not a URL. Can you remove the / so the link works? Thanks!
the chrome extensions store is not ideal for discovery; so it's good to see someone curating things here
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Cool directory! Just submitted "LINER" - https://chrome.google.com/websto...
@mynhpark looking forward for our panel to check it out
@mynhpark Cool extension :)
Nice! Suggestion: Curated collections for Productivity, Security, Entertainment, etc. Notably missing: Disconnect, uBlock Origin

You used to be able to find amazing extensions.


It was an awesome site


Deprecated, no longer live