Extension Police

Police your chrome extensions

Detect and block malicious Chrome Extensions

> prevent Chrome Extensions to inject ads, to steal your credentials and to track your cookies.

> quickly enable/disable your Chrome extensions

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But who's gonna police the police?
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@pugson indeed: "with great power comes great responsibility"
@pugson You will see that Extension Police does not request the permission to "Read and change all your data on all the websites you visit" , we don't have access to your Browsing.
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@jeanderely that's great πŸ‘
"15 potentially dangerous extensions" πŸ™€ Really cool Chrome extension! Great idea. How did it come about and what was the process of making this @jeanderely?
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@booligoosh I worked on several other extensions and it freaked me out to see that my extensions could potentially access EVERYTHING from anyone who installed them. When you install a Chrome Extension and you give it the permission to "Read and change all your data on all the websites you visit" -> basically you give them the authorization to view all the content of all your tabs, including your emails, you credit card details, your passwords, your cookies (they can use your cookies to login into your accounts from any computer, except if you have have the "Two Factor Authentication") , EVERYTHING. I hope that Extension Police will bring awareness to the danger of using certain extensions.

It's one of those things where you're like "another gimmicky security checker" until you realize the results.


Helps you keep your data safe!


I have 15 potentially dangerous extensions, all of which I rely on... Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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Hi Nathan, we have added a "Whitelist" Feature: You add your critical websites on this whitelist like gmail.com, stripe.com, salesforce.com, online banking, password management, etc -> Extension police will auto-disable all your extensions when you are on these critical websites, so you can protect your critical services. Nevertheless, extensions with the "Tabs" permission (https://developer.chrome.com/ext...) can always access your tabs, even when they are not active. The best solution will be using: "Extention Police" + "The Great Suspender - https://chrome.google.com/websto... "
nice extension but why do you have an icon on the browser is better behind and access with a link :)
@edwardvasquezdr Chrome provide this links chrome://extensions/ & if you want to see a specific extension's detail chrome://extensions/?id=ccmccoifgmogllppkahijhkingoeapph The icon in the browser gives Extension Police the permission to view & manage your extension.
Hi @marketergraham, thank you for hunting us.