Meet like-minded people on the way to conferences, etc.

Extendee helps you meet like-minded people on the way to conferences, festivals, marathons and other events. Share a ride from and to the airport, start interesting discussions early and maximize return on your investment in attending the event.

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Hi there, Have you ever scanned a queue of people boarding a plane trying to figure out which ones of them are flying to the same event as you are? I certainly have. Every time I apply all the stereotypes in my head and try to guess if this t-shirt is an indication or that sticker on a laptop is a clear sign. And even when I’m absolutely positive there is that awkward moment of trying to start a conversation with an absolute stranger. Maybe that’s not an issue for the outgoing extroverts, but I’m not one of them. What if there was a better way? Except there wasn’t. Well, until now! We’ve created Extendee to make it easy for people attending conferences, festivals, marathons and other events to meet on the way there and extend their experiences. Hope you check it out and use it for your next trip to a conference or other event! Looking forward to your feedback.
The idea is nice, but I don't see the product! "search for event" is very confusing. - First, what kind of events? are we talking F8, Google I/O kind of events or a small in town one? - Second, where am I looking? what cities are you covering? - Third, The chances of me typing the event name (if I could even remember it) correctly to see results are next to 0. - Lastly, your pitch tells me this website is about meeting people going to the same event. Having a "create one" button makes me wonder how is that related to the purpose of the product?
@vlographer hi, Ed. Thank you for the feedback! Normally you (user) will never go to the front page but would rather land on a specific event page shared with you by organizers or other attendees. The front page is mostly for the event organizer or enthusiast who would lookup if their event is present and create it if it isn't (hence the create button). Then they will share the direct link to the event page with other attendees and that's where they'll land.
@ailon That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
Maybe an example would help folks get a better understanding of how it works.