Extend by Auth0

Let your customers write the rules

Extend is an embedded scripting environment for enabling customization and integration of your SaaS. Let customers add the capabilities they want directly to your SaaS such as custom rules or integrations.

It includes an embedded code editor for creating extensions via scripting and a runtime for executing them.

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  • Chris Andrew
    Chris AndrewStartup Tech & Strategy Consultant

    Great platform and great team.


    Perhaps not a con, but must be quite comfortable with the command-line interface to manage your environment.

    I use AWS and GCP and Extend/webtasks in my work. Of the three, webtasks are the most straightforward to create and deploy. I can spin up a webtask in half the time it takes to create an AWS Lambda function. It's easy to address security on the platform, as well as to use a hybrid approach between the Extend platform and other cloud providers. IMO, the greatest benefit is enabling your internal/external customers the ability to implement custom integrations without having to setup their own cloud environments.

    Chris Andrew has used this product for one year.
  • Chris Whited
    Chris WhitedSoftware Engineer III, Spring Venture Gr

    Great product. Great documentation. Easy to use and configure. Very fast and powerful.


    Initial setup between online editor and cli can be confusing

    I started using Auth0 extend as a prototyping framework to get API endpoints available as quick as I could. After writing a few of these, I started to expand on the framework with slack extensions. Auth0 extend is a powerful framework that is easy to setup, configure, and scale.

    Chris Whited has used this product for one year.


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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey team, Can you tell us more about why you built this and how it compares to other similar products out there?
Glenn Block
Glenn BlockMaker@gblock · Sr. Director of Product, Extend
@jacqvon Sure. We built Extend originally to solve a bunch of problems with our flagship Auth0 identity SaaS product. At a high level it was about adding new capabilities and logic easily without the engineering team having to change the product. -Sales engineers can use it to quickly address custom requirements that are block deals from closing. -Product can use it to add features quickly and cheaply -Customers can use it directly to address their own needs. This post talks more about the journey that lead to Extend: https://goextend.io/blog/our-jou... As far as what it compares to, it is pretty unique. It is really the first product of its type. The main competitor is DIY solutions built on top of compute platforms to solve the same problem. For example, Twilio built Twilio Functions on their own to solve similar problems that we were solving in our identity product. The difference is that we've built is a general purpose solution that can plug into any SaaS. The other competitor tends to be solutions that rely on Webhooks. We talk about how/why we're different here: https://goextend.io/blog/why-is-... Finally, you can read more about how one of our customers, AVEEVA, uses us to enable their customers to handle custom transformations and enrichment of sensor data here: https://on.wonderware.com/wonder...
Yuriy Dybskiy
Yuriy Dybskiy@html5cat · Founder at Catscadia; Mentor at Udacity
Very interesting product, congrats on the launch! What are your favourite use-cases so far and personally curious how does Meteor, Apollo and Graphcool use it :) Thank you!
Glenn Block
Glenn BlockMaker@gblock · Sr. Director of Product, Extend
@html5cat Thanks! Apollo uses for basically the underpinnings of launchpad. When you author in the editor, all code is running on Extend, both at design and runtime. We do the module provisioning etc, the whole enchilada.
Glenn Block
Glenn BlockMaker@gblock · Sr. Director of Product, Extend
@html5cat Favorite use cases would be custom business logic that applies within the pipeline of data flowing through a workflow of a SaaS. For example Factory Four uses us to handle complex business logic around manufacturing. AVEEVA has a very cool use case for transformation, cleansing and enrichment of IoT data. https://on.wonderware.com/wonder...
Glenn Block
Glenn BlockMaker@gblock · Sr. Director of Product, Extend
Hi Everyone, thanks for checking out Extend! We're trying to revolutionize the way SaaS products are built, making it really easy for them to be customized by the organizations that use them.