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I've been using ExpressVPN for a couple of years now while spending prolonged periods in many countries with a restricted internet. Express has always been reliable and you know a product is strong when you find yourself constantly recommending it to others. The Speed Test feature (pinging the fastest server) and being able to pay in bitcoin are huge bonuses for me too. 🎉
@suparchie do you try it in China?
@shellehs 对啊还有我觉得比Astrill快一点
@suparchie I have setup some shadowsocks VPN at Japan DC for my friends. :-)
@shellehs @suparchie Yeah it is also my go-to VPN in China.
My girlfriend and I have been in China for 3 weeks working as digital nomads and ExpressVPN was our salvation.
Lots of recommendations for ExpressVPN in this Product Hunt tweet asking for people's favorite VPNs
"the fastest VPN"... any evidence to substantiate this? seems a very over the top title to use on product hunt
@_jacksmith I think they even use it on their website. But I wouldn't not too sure about that claim. I'm using Freedome VPN and it keeps up with my >100MBit line.
Anybody tested it for speed? I wonder what the results would be.
@csaba_kissi I am based in NYC and the fastest servers I can hit are in NYC and New Jersey. I get about 30Mbit throughput consistently on my 300Mbit cable connection.