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Whoa. Looking forward to using this
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@lylemckeany Haha my thoughts exactly
@lylemckeany I couldn't have put it any better than this gif.
@lylemckeany This is going to haunt me in my dreams.
This is priceless. The metrics take this to another level when it comes to writing tools.
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@janet_alexandersson Right? I work for a super-small business, and this was priceless for me.
awesome sauce...any plans to package as a Mac app like Hemingway? I'd gladly throw down the cash to support what you have built
@passingnotes Seconded! I have a feeling that if markdown syntax support was added, too, this could kill it with writers on Medium.
This looks great! As for someone who is trying to get better at writing, this is very nice to have. That being said, I believe that the most important thing about writing is building a habit. It is still the hardest thing for me to do. However, tools like these accelerate learning, which is great! Suggested synonyms, finding filler words, weak verbs and much more... I just started exploring, but there is so much more there. Wow...
Interesting product. I would enjoyed it more if I don't get this error constantly "ERROR: Could not analyze text. The website might be overloaded due to high number of visitors. Please, wait couple minutes and try analyzing again." I guess it's PH effect :)
@suholet Looks like it is working again now!