Express Gateway

Microservices to Production Insanely Fast

An open source API Gateway built entirely on Express.js

Shubhra Kar
Chad Foley
  • Shubhra Kar
    Shubhra KarHead of Technical Marketing, InfluxDB

    Open Source and Simplicity


    Needs a UI ?

    Can we have a UI for policy configuration and also the runtime mgmt. ?

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Hello everyone! I'm Al, CEO and Founder of LunchBadger and the project sponsor for Express Gateway. Ever since our initial launch of the project at NodeJS Summit, we've been humbled by the developer community support and the amazing feedback we’ve gathered along the way. Today, I'm excited to bring Express Gateway to Product Hunt to help developers build more sustainably using an open source API Gateway built entirely on Express.js. The mission of Express Gateway is to help developers and teams build better more sustainably. We have seen countless developers struggle with recreating API Gateways so we thought that this could be a compelling and unique problem to be able to solve. Also, what better way to do it than with Express.js and its vast ecosystem of middleware. So, today is an important step in our journey and we can’t wait to share it with you! On behalf of the team, we look forward to learning more about what you’re building and how we can support developers. Thanks! Al