Exposè Chrome Extension

Get all publicly visible pictures from Facebook

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The extension identifies the graph engine structure that powers all discovery within facebook to create a unique link for each query person/company/page that displays accessible content. Using this logic the query is then sent back to the user who runs it under their permissions (to avoid any permission violations). What the user gets is content that is implicitly shared with them but not visible!. The tool is entirely client side and is not hosted or tracked to ensure user privacy. It encourage people to question and take better control of data they share.
Top Tip : Start by trying it on someone you are NOT friends with. Ever had the eery feeling that your actions on facebook aren't really private? It's about time we took our privacy in our own hands. - That friend of your's who shares everything in the world - That friend of friend who tags you in every picture Despite your privacy settings, not everything is hidden. Expose allows you to see content for any facebook user/page/company that is implicitly public. No hacks, no tricks and no illegitimate access. Best way to use this is to try it on a profile or someone you are NOT friends with.
@ankurmodi Can you explain more about how your do this? Is this just putting a query in the search?