A beautiful, open-source, tunneling service - written in PHP

Expose is a beautiful, open-source, tunnel application that allows you to share your local websites with others via the internet.
Since you can host the server yourself, you have full control over the domains that your shared sites will be available at.
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Hi, I'm Marcel, the developer behind Expose. Expose has been in the works for a couple of months now and I'm super excited to be able to share it with everyone now. It was a very exciting technical challenge to make all of this work in PHP - the main reason to use PHP as the language of choice was the ease of customization this brings and I can't wait to see what the community can come up with in ways that Expose can be extended and enhanced. You can self-host expose, but also use our own free server that we provide. If you want to learn more about Expose, be sure to check out the in-depth documentation at https://beyondco.de/docs/expose/...
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@marcelpociot Michael thanks for this. What is the way to contact with you?
@marcelpociot @nazmul_husain Hi Brad, the best way is to open an issue at GitHub if you have a technical question or connect on Twitter.
Looking to dockerize this at the moment so it's easy to run it self contained on a little mini home server, it's a shame SSL isn't baked directly as I've had a bit of pain setting up wildcard SSL certs with LetsEncrypt but beyond that it's fairly easy to work with.
@slyfirefox I thought about embedding SSL, but figured that maybe a lot of developers can just put this behind a reverse proxy. But I'd be open for a PR. There's already a PR that contains a Dockerfile: https://github.com/beyondcode/ex...
@marcelpociot interesting, the docker setup I was working on was to provide the SSL proxy as well as expose, possibly with a mechanism to automatically generate the wildcard SSL cert. That's where it generally gets complicated as such a certificate requires DNS verification and ideally an API to update the provider every time it's renewed.
@marcelpociot @slyfirefox I might write up an article on how I've done all of this. I've got Expose running on a cheap ol' VPS with wildcard SSL, reverse proxy & then supervisord on my home server to keep the tunnels open.
@marcelpociot @ryan_chandler thanks, I'd be interested in seeing your approach, I've got a similar setup working, I just wanted to polish it up so it's an easy setup to run a container and configure some paths to persist the database etc. It's a bit anal but I prefer to run containers on my home server so upgrading apps is less stressful when it comes to dependencies
bye bye ngrok, welcome Expose
You guys rock! Good luck with the launch!