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And how can i import this into Apple Music / iTunes?
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@mosrrrr LOL same question.
@nicolasegosum @mosrrrr It's only a CSV-Exporter? No Import to Apple Music?
@mosrrrr You can't, at least not without another tool :). The description is wrong and needs changing. There is nothing in Exportify or the docs that mentions Apple Music or iTunes. It exports playlists to CSV format.
@mosrrrr To import to Apple Music you could use http://movetoapple.com/
Yes - this post needs to be edited to reflect that it is only Export from Spotify in CSV format. Itunes requires XML format to import. Can we get a clean Spotify > iTunes Playlist migrator? I know I'd happily pay $20 to have my playlists effortlessly migrated. Who's up for this challenge? It would be nice to launch the first Product Hunt-drive and funded product.
Upvoting this just because of its name.
YES! I requested this yesterday on Twitter ;) https://twitter.com/bramk/status... BUT: I'm getting an error :( "INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI" when logging in with FB for my Spotify account EDIT Changed the link to the Github page so anyone can contribute (and our /?ref=producthunt created some issues for the other link: https://rawgit.com/watsonbox/exp...)
@bramk I got the same error, then I removed '?ref=producthunt' from the url and it worked fine. Maybe try that!
@bramk Hahah. Yeah I saw that! This is awesome. Needed and very Product Hunt worthy.
@lucasjgordon @bramk This is correct. The Spotify API requires a specific redirect URL for authorisation, which effectively means there can be no extra query parameters. So the product hunt link is incorrect. For now just use https://rawgit.com/watsonbox/exp....
@watsonbox @bramk Update: the link is now fixed.
@besvinick: How do you import in Apple Music? Otherwise I would remove the "to Apple Music" from the hunt description :p