A simple markdown exporter for Apple's Notes App.

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Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
I have been working on this app for quite a while, & have finally managed to fine tune it with version 1.3. The app exports all you notes to markdown, organising them inside folders named after notebooks they were stored inside the app. It also preserves the creation and modification dates of the notes, & supports exporting notes with non-latin characters. Its all a one click process.
Troy Christmas@troychristmas · Founder @ TaskClone & RepeatPost
@chintanghate Nice! Been looking at how to connect with the closed universe which is apple notes. Really wish they'd have an API, but after all the privacy hu ha with Evernote, doubt that's coming soon. Congrats.
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@troychristmas Thanks! :)
Thomas SugarHiring@thomassugar · Co-founder, Pinstriped
Looks cool
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@thomassugar Thanks! :)
Roberto Mateu@rmateu · 5typos.com
Very cool and useful for backups. One thing though: while I understand this is part of Falcon – and the whole point is to move you _away_ from Notes – I'd love to easily be able to export individual notes to a default location from the Share Menu. Still, great standalone tool that benefits everyone and not *just* your customers. Thanks!
Chintan GhateMaker@chintanghate · Indie Developer
@rmateu Thanks! :) In the current version you'll be able to select a location of your choice to export *all* the notes too. The issue with allowing user to select individual notes is that the fetching/parsing of notes from the Notes app is a costly function. Currently the app is an AppleScript app, with swift and Objective-C code embedded in it for UI, and text conversion. And that limits my ability to provide user with extra preferences as in just a native Objective-c/Swift app. Although I'll see if I could do that without compromising app performance.