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Create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger

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There is going to be a growing number of companies offering a way to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Some will work for some people, others for others. I think exponea is trying to focus on the already non-techie. It would be interesting to see a case study of a few people of different levels trying all the alternatives out there to create a chatbot and their thoughts. I want to try creating one (as a non-dev), I created an SMS bot pretty easily using Dexter Marketplace. Am yet to dive into the Facebook ones.
@bentossell Nice find, companies in this space keep appearing. It's interesting to see how companies do tend to be splitting techie vs non techie. I do wonder where the trade offs will be in these tools though, simplicity vs capabilities as user requirements become more complex. Our approach is 'you don't need to be a techie but there is plenty of useful things you can do in addition if you can write code'
@tonylucas yeh I think its just a barrier that a lot of people dont want to break. Maybe the learning curve looks too steep from the outside. People want to be able to drag and drop, enter questions and answers and the chatbot is done.
@bentossell will be interesting to watch the growth of this sector. Can you do a write up if/when you decide to test it out?
@larry_musiclinx if I have time/can be bothered ha
@bentossell Very interesting and I've tried to compile the business I've been using but recently there have been SO many to help us "non-techies" that it's not actually beneficial and there is always another one next week, if not the next day! 🙃
This is an interesting product, but I think their pricing isn't clear: is it a monthly or annual fee? It would be great to provide a free option just to test the platform
@pmcpinto prices on the webpage are monthly. We offer a special 30 day trial for Product Hunt users. Just type promo code "PRODUCTHUNT" upon sign up (the option is hidden in "optional" info).
@pmcpinto There's a free option specially for product hunters: Use promo code "PRODUCTHUNT" to get 1 month free trial
@peterpiper_ Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback.
When I have tried previous similar services, there has generally been two problems. First, they have not integrated the FB UI capabilities (cards/bubbles) that provide users with options. The second is that I have not found a way to store data - for example, if I wanted to create a social network through a bot, I have not found a way to store who the user's friends are. After taking a quick look at Exponea's front page, I see that it solves the first problem. Going to dive in and see if it solves the second.