Turn Your Car into a Smart Car.

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@sunilvallath the product looks cool, and I'll definitely read more about it. But I don't what it is about the video - it really grinds on me. I think it's the music. Doesn't matter now, too late. Just saying for the future videos that house music for THAT long is a bit much. (This from a guy who enjoys EDM and studies with house music in his ear buds).
@steven_rushing Thank you so much for showing interest in Exploride. We really appreciate you took the time to write us. We will definitely consider your opinion in our future videos. Please do check out our IndieGoGo page as well. http://igg.me/at/exploride/x
Exploride is a futuristic head up display for any car. Access music, maps, calls, texts and more all in one place. Reduce distractions and keep your focus on the road with its transparent display , gesture and hands-free voice controls.
@neerajt4 nice! thanks for sharing
@neerajt4 Hey Neeraj, why is the video private now ?
@nipungupta Hey, I'm just the hunter. You'll need to ask thr maker @sunilvallath
Congrats for being 180% funded on Indiegogo within almost a week. Exploride is one cool product that I would love to see on my car. I've personally met the awesome team. Highly energetic and passionate people. Keep it going. All the best people!
@athulsuresh Hey Athul, thank you for the wishes and please keep supporting us.
As a UX/UI snob, I think you should really revisit the UI. The biggest thing that concerns me is the inability to consumer information at a glance. The font is hardly legible due to it's elongated and almost 'smashed' structure. Drivers cruising at high speeds should be able to glance and understand in a fraction of a second, not squint or look closer to figure out what it says. I do love the form factor and believe it would be extremely beneficial if the display is something that can be swiveled to reduce glare. Those would two things would make this amazing device even much more compelling. Looking forward to your growth!
The display can be opened and closed along it's hinge (much like a laptop's screen). About the font, i agree with you Andy. We are sorting out the front-end interface elements through on-the-road user testing, and especially, several different typefaces (with different sizes, thicknesses, colors, kerning, etc) are being rigorously put through the paces. The typeface you can see currently will most certainly not be the default in the shipped product. One of the case studies we were heavily inspired by was the ford smartguage, and it's testing
Do write to us about all other feedback you have Andy, you've no idea how valuable it is to us :)
The product itself is cool, however the voice for the main video should be rethought. It sounds like the guy from the Scream movies.