Explore image samples by different cameras & lenses

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Neat! As a hobbyist photographer I really appreciate that they added Source/Credit for each sample pic. Also, this is a fun idea! Would be interesting to see if they could use different cameras to take the same view/pic with same settings. You can give a super primitive camera in the hands of a pro and still get good shots, so it can be hard to gauge but I do see a good variety of pics in there and not all seem super professional, which is good. Really useful for anyone scoping the market out for a new camera and wondering what to expect in terms of the quality of pics.
Pretty cool website to checkout the image quality of different cameras and lenses I know @caseyneistat often uses the 70d
This is great! I literally just bought a camera on Monday, and this would've been a nice resource to check out prior - oh well! I definitely agree with what @sarthakgrover said about using different cameras to take the same photo for comparison purposes.
@grizzwithak What did you end up getting? I hope you were able to check out other resources via Google to see some sample pics. There are a lot of other forums/sites which will share pics from their camera, specially Amazon reviews. This is definitely nice since it aggregates a bunch of pics in one view.
@sarthakgrover I ended up going with a Canon G7 X from Amazon actually - arriving today! I did quite a bit of YouTube research too... needed a small point-and-shoot for travelling.
@grizzwithak Cool, happy clicking!
Excellent- I had started mocking this idea up a couple of years ago but then realized I didn't know any web developers who could help me make it a real thing. Glad someone finally made it! Now add the ability to scrape for aperture setting, too :-)