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#4 Product of the DayAugust 18, 2015
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There's another product with the same name with animated GIFs of how sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Product Hunt changed over time. It's also called Startup Timelines. 😜
@rrhoover Mad stuff ;) didn't know about it's existence. We should join the efforts!
@alchaplinsky Alex - love this product, great UI as well. I'm really starting to see the value in adding more kinds of company information to http://www.startuptimelines.org , the stuff you have listed already looks awesome. Great work buddy :)
I like the idea and what you've done so far, I think (because of limited data) we focus (fetishize) too much on funding events. These are important milestones, but would interest me more are the personal decisions made by founders at critical times e.g. 'sobbed in corner, had breakthrough cold fusion idea...' Think of the story of Slack, here's an article even: http://firstround.com/review/Fro... There is over a year of fascinating history before the first bullet on the timeline. Founding startups is not a phenomena, SB tried (again) to build another MMO game. His first attempt ended up in Flickr, his second, Slack. After Slack, if he tried it again, he may invent cold fusion... Admittedly I'm a hard audience (historiography major before being a startup founder), but I think you have a really simple, straightforward medium to tell a complex story. Looking forward to see where it goes!
@worldhistorical came here to say this, love the idea and the interface. But it would be great to see some more detail where possible. The Pinterest timeline does a good job of at least showing that there was a pivot before getting to Pinterest, but the Slack timeline ignores it completely. Still great work though.
Cool - I like the interface. Visited on mobile and it works great. Are you planning to monetize this?
@kohjingyu Thanks, yep I'm thinking about monetization. Would you pay fo creating a timeline of your startup? ;)
Awesome job man! It would be great if i can scroll on the timeline instead of just clicking on the dots! Looking forward for more.
@ossamaweb Thanks, you can swipe on mobile or user left/right keys on your desktop. But that's good UX suggestion
@alchaplinsky If you created a newsletter or email update for it. Let me know so i add it to my project http://www.producthunt.com/tech/...
Awesome job!