Explore City

Turn any city into a strategy game map and explore it

Explore city is an apple watch app that tracks your exploring progress anywhere you go and shows you exactly how much of a city you've seen. Similar with strategy games map, explore city works in the same way. As you travel to the city you uncover more.
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Peter Javorkai ⚡Designer / Indie Maker / Bot Commander
I think the idea, and the placement of the product is really interesting! I wouldn't choose probably the city as the main factor, but more the highly recommended places from Tripadvisor or similar.
Razvan Chelemen
Co-creator of FIVE
@javpet Thank you for your feedback! It is on the roadmap to have something similar, special places and a bit of gamification for all this, but the core item still remains the city. It offers better opportunities for rankings and building all kind of challenges around it. The best thing about this app is actually that everything is transparent you don't really have to do anything, just do your usual routine and check the progress. The goal is to be similar with the Activity app for location/exploring, you should have almost no interaction with the app but to be able to check your progress anytime.