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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2020
This tool takes in your spreadsheet data (CSV, Google Sheets, Excel in Dropbox etc.) and helps you create charts, visually explore data, create dashboards, sync them with live data, and export PDFs. On the data side, it allows you to create segments, conditional and calculated fields and more.
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Hi everyone, I’m Pallav from Charts.com. We’ve made this free tool to help business users and analysts alike, who need to “analyze” their data in spreadsheets, and not just “visualize” as charts. And, further to share the analysis with others (without exposing underlying spreadsheet); or consume and act on data themselves. What this tools enables is: - Quick visual exploration of data (spreadsheets), in-browser without installing anything - Enabling business operations on data (automatic/intelligent date-time grouping, segments, calculated/conditional fields) typically required during analysis, without needing deep expertise in spreadsheets. - Less “form-driven”, more “visual-driven” exploration (lesser cognitive load, and more lazy exploration). Be it drill-downs from chart point to grid to see filtered underlying data, perform sum/avg on specific or multiple points on chart through selection, see co-relation between between different measures on chart through interactions etc. (Though some items right now, like filters, are still form-driven and we’re exploring what can be done better!) - Easier self-consumption of data without having to open multiple spreadsheets. Viewing live data from different spreadsheets in a consolidated place (single dashboard), without having to open all of them. And automatic refresh of data. - Collaboration with others by sharing charts, dashboards (along with narratives) with others else in team (chart/story with narrative), without the need to share underlying spreadsheets. We’ll building towards speed and efficiency of getting insights from spreadsheet data, very quickly and easily. Would love to get your feedback.
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As often as I visit product hunt (several times a day) I very rarely upvote a product.... but when I do... it's something like this! Would love to talk further about the embed feature, as without it, it becomes much less useful for me for nocode projects. :)
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@colinwinhall Thanks a lot Colin for your endorsement. Would love to discuss the embed feature - I'm at pallav [at] charts.com
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@colinwinhall Yup, same, if this has an embed feature this would be very useful
This is awesome from so many perspectives! First of all as a marketer I love how you're using a free tool for lead-gen and growing your traffic. Great job! Then again as a marketer, I can see myself using this for a ton of purposes. Data Studio is way too sluggish and slow for me and this is a great lightweight alternative for most of the stuff I'm looking to do. One small bit of feedback: when I go to change the chart type and click 'KPI', I can no longer go back to picking a different chart type. Great job and good luck team!
@hans_dekker Thanks Hans for the feedback. Yes, the intent was to build something that people can use quickly and do with most business-operations-on-data, without learning curve. W.r.t KPI, it's meant for showcasing 1 measure only. When you add another measure in x/y axis, it'll give you options for more chart types. Though, we'll take this as an input and figure out how to keep all options ready.
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@pallavn appreciate the swift response. Yup, that worked. For users just browsing and exploring their options that might be a bit unclear. Best of luck!
Ah and forgot to ask: do you have more data source integrations planned? If so, which ones and what's the timeline?
@hans_dekker Currently (for this quarter), our approach is to stick to spreadsheet data. The reason being: there are enough tools to help you get your data into Excel/Google sheets and do joins there, post which you can feed that sheet into Explore. We're working on building connectors to cloud databases, but that's for next quarter. As of now, we do not intend to build connectors (yet!) to SaaS apps (again same reason, you have tools which can bring such data into a Google Sheet, which you can then feed to Explore). Hope this works for you.
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@hans_dekker Btw, which connectors would like us to build?
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Really liked the product- especially the feature for drag and place/resize the chart/text. Would love to have feature for arranging the charts in a layout. Currently I cannot provide custom breathing space etc. And also export as html/css code for making custom dashboards would be great. Great work team _/'\_ All the best!
@supratik_rulz In the dashboard layout, you can move charts around. See a video @
- what is your case for CSS/HTML export?
@pallavn saw that but it's not too configurable right now- breathing space, colors, shadows etc. CSS/HTML export will allow us to integrate the dashboard page into our website/application. Think like kind of showing interactive charts as stats in a part of application.
@supratik_rulz Ok - as of now not building for that use-case; as focus is on business users. But will add to wishlist.
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