Exploding Kittens for iOS

The highest funded Kickstarter card game on your iPhone

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This is my favorite game, I'm SO glad it's on iOS now. 😺
@katesegrin really cool game) Exploding Kittens lol
Anyone getting a 404 error. Remove the ?ref from the URL! :)
@reconcubed Thanks! Now, if only the PH app would let me edit the URL in the embedded Safari browser. ;)
I was just thinking about CAH a few days ago and wondering why they didn't have an app for it already. So psyched to see this. Disclaimer - I am an investor in Exploding Kittens (the kickstarter kind of investor) :)
I'd love to see more local-network + bluetooth multiplayer games out there. Settlers of Cattan on iPad is one of the best board games turned into an app, but it still sucks to pass the iPad around. I'm really excited to see how this will turn out.
Can I use the iPad as a "table" and the Phones to play?