Exploding Kittens

A highly strategic card game from The Oatmeal (pre-launch)

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What is really interesting is to see how strong his (oatmeal) web presence is. This project reached it's goal in 20 minutes ($10,000), in an hour they have raised $700,000. Few hours later $1,656,699. Some time ago he also raised money for Tesla museum https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... ($1,370,461 raised of $850,000 goal) and even made @elonmusk donate $1m http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/10... Amazing :)
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@elonmusk @sotak Wow, this has got to be in the top 3 fastest funded crowdfunding projects.
@elonmusk @sotak Holy shit, these numbers are ridiculous for a card game. Throughly impressed with the Oatmeal team.
@sotak It should be noted that I'm sure @oatmeal didn't just flick the switch on this campaign and sit back. This was probably months in the works with teasers and coordination behind the scenes. That's how you win at Kickstarter. Not just showing up and dropping the mic on day one. Also, backed this! So excited.
@elonmusk @sotak I was watching how fast it was raising money and though it would be cool to visualize it so I made this little tracker website https://explodingkittenstracker....
Backed! Looks like an extremely fun party game. Made by the guy behind www.theoatmeal.com.
The higher priced pledge of $35 that includes the NSFW deck has more backers than the $20 standard deck pledge. They know their audience! (I also backed the NSFW deck)
I friggin' love the Oatmeal!
Very cool idea. Love innovative card games.