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Explainers were created to help people discover and be inspired by product videos from all over the world. At the moment there are 130 startup videos on the website featured into 7 categories: explainers, crowdfunding, commercials, educational, tutorials, customer testimonials and company testimonials.

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Hey PH'ers! I'm Vasyl, the guy behind Explainers. Last September I decided to create a short explainer for one of my e-commerce product. I did not have any experience neither concrete understanding of how the video should look like - time, style, story. So I went online googling for some inspiration but didn't find a source that would really satisfy my needs. Guess what - I created one=). Right now, there're 130 videos on the website handpicked by me that you can filter through a bunch of categories: explainers, crowdfunding, commercials, tutorials, educational, customer testimonials and company testimonials. The last ones are not really "explainers" type of video, but I thought it still would be valuable to showcase them. If you guys love Explainers, I would go forward and introduce at least: 1) Directory, so production companies can showcase their profiles (and I can charge some money to support platform development); 2) Ability to rate video based on a few relevant variables (story, humor, music, product idea, etc). Something like Awwwards doing for websites. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this! P.S. You can also sign up for a curated newsletter with best product videos delivered to your inbox every week. Look for a bottom bar on explainers.world.
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@vasylslobodian Unfortunately, I couldn't get the videos to play. It may be an issue with me being in the EU right now, but I specifically saw the issue with the SafeDrive, What is Pinterest, and BriefMe videos, working from a Macbook Pro (2013, running High Sierra 10.13.4), testing on both Chrome and Safari. I was able to find the videos on youtube and play them without issue. I know a lot of embedded videos are blocked internationally, so that may be the case here.
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@vasylslobodian @rick_mccartney Same issue here. Not able to play the videos. Love the collection btw. 😎
@rick_mccartney @tmatthewj I'm sorry guys, looks like there're some issues with our servers at the moment. WIll try to fix right away
@rick_mccartney @tmatthewj Hi guys! Please, check it out. Should works now regardless of your location.
@tmatthewj @vasylslobodian Works for me now. Nice work!
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I like the idea of seeing short little product into videos in one place.


Nice idea and good execution


None significant

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Thanks Tony for this review!
Hey @vasylslobodian, What's your favorite aspect of the product you've built?
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline! The most favourite is probably the main idea behind Explainers - to help startup founders discover and compare different forms of video presentation for their products.
Good source for inspiration for those creating product explainer/startup launch videos. How are you sourcing the videos today, @vasylslobodian?
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! Good question - I don't really have a solid plan for now except user's submissions. Perhaps using PH + crowdfunding websites like indiegogo will help me out.