Explain Everything Online Whiteboard

Interactive online whiteboard with voice chat and recording

Explain Everything Online Whiteboard is a browser and cloud-based platform that delivers a truly cross-platform collaborative whiteboarding experience. It is the only interactive whiteboard that has both, real-time and continuous cloud collaboration with voice chat, advanced recording, and timeline editing. Native apps available for iOS & Android.

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6 Reviews4.2/5

The templates do not work. I tried the storyboard and was able to select the squares and move them. Need to be able to lock background items for real brainstorming.


Will need more time to compare against the other products I use


Not intuitive. How to delete text box? Why can't I select items by dragging a selection box around them.

Hi John! Thanks for feedback. You can delete the text box with the Delete Tool (X) - you would need to tap on the symbol of an arrow down to access more tools. Selecting items to edit is possible with the Inspector Tool [i].