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Nat'l Math Olymp coach shares fun side of math for everyone!

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Hi everyone! I'm the founder of Expii. Expii Solve is a weekly feature to share some novel nuggets of math with the general public on a frequently and regular basis - but this is not ordinary math. Actually, the subject is really rich with surprising and fun facts, and we pick some of them to highlight each week. Each week's headline problem (#1) is designed to be understandable by everyone, while packing something that is thought-provoking. This week's headline problem showcases a very surprising voting paradox, which is directly relevant to next week's primaries in the USA: http://expii.com/solve/8/1/split.... It's a mathematical logic puzzle, designed to showcase the enormous power of strategic voting. It's also a public service announcement which is independently useful for informing the public (just in time for the primaries) that it may not always be ideal to vote for your favorite candidate. We release a set of five problems each week, rapidly scaling up in intensity from #1 (accessible to everyone) to #5 (almost impossible). This ladder of difficulty is meant to introduce everyone to how awesomely fun and neat math actually is (it's not just about adding fractions and plugging numbers into formulas), while simultaneously providing a pathway to become a math genius. The latter problems are specifically selected to help people aspire to represent the USA on our national Math Olympiad team - which is a real thing: http://wpo.st/_guV0. Feedback is always welcome! Since we're building a new set of problems every week, we're learning through this process too, as we find out what topics and styles people find interesting. Our goal is to ultimately provide the world with a weekly mini-dose of cool math, to share the side of the subject which hooked us on it too. :)
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@poshenloh Great work! Looking forward to checking this out every week. ๐Ÿ˜€
Been watching Po build and grow this company up. Amazing team and product. The experience is so engaging and fun to use!
@sydney_liu_sl Thanks! :) We're thrilled to share it with everyone!