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Thanks or the kind words! The funding system is broken. Also, to clarify home institutions don't usually provide the $. It is mostly granting agencies and foundations. 10 years ago funders like NIH were funding 30% of proposals. Today the number of proposals has doubled, the budget decreased and only 10% are getting funded. Because of this, the funders are controlled by agendas and end up funding the most obvious ideas. It is the outliers that matter. We want to fund those outliers, the high risk high return projects that will change our world.
Hiya! I'm one of the creators of Experiment. Ask me anything?
Hi @cindywu, one thing I'd be interested to learn: Why aren't many of these projects getting funded by the researchers home institutions? Are they side projects? Thanks. Really excited by what Experiment empowers!
I love seeing the crowdfunding model expand to other industries and missions. Which project are you most excited about personally, @cindywu?
That's like asking me to pick my favorite child! Lately, I've been really fascinated by the nudibranch: experiment.com/nudibranch Mostly, I wonder what it feels like to be a nudibranch.