Expensive Chat

Chatroom where you pay per letter

Expensive Chat is a chatroom where you pay $0.01 per letter.
We all know what happens when you put a bunch of strangers in a chatroom: chaos. But what if you had to pay for each message? What would happen to the social dynamics? We'll find out today.
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Two and half years ago I created Highscore Money, a leaderboard you pay your way into. It was a silly idea I had at the time and I doubted whether anyone would pay for it, but I had to find out. That silly idea ended up getting press coverage around the world, and generating over $2,000 in profits in its first 24 hours. Not bad. I recently came up with an even crazier idea. What if there's a chatroom where you pay per message? More specifically, what if you pay for each letter? We all know online chatrooms can turn into chaos quickly, but when every letter matters, perhaps people will act differently? Only one way to find out. Over the last few weeks I built this and I'm excited to launch it today. It's called Expensive Chat and you can try it here: https://expensive.chat I think the hard part will be getting the conversation started so if you got a few cents to spare I'd love to see you in the chat.
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@marckohlbrugge my message has not been showed
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Some blockchain-based social networks like Leeroy function similarly, not by design but by necessity. 😂
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This is ridiculous and I love it
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Cool idea! How to do you handle transaction costs for creditcard transactions? Have you thought about integrating Lightning transactions on Bitcoin?
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Once again, Marc with the brilliant and creative idea :)
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