Expensify SmartRides

Uber integration for all travel tracked by Expensify

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Rick Klau
Rick KlauHunter@rklau · Partner, GV
"the Expensify app will detect when you land and have an Uber driver waiting outside baggage claim to escort you straight to your hotel — all prearranged from your itinerary without you even needing to look up the address. We call it “SmartRides”; the VIP travel experience for everyone, brought to you by Uber and Expensify." And on the roadmap: Next up is an expansion of SmartRides to take you to the airport at the start of the trip, and back home after. After that, we’re launching our integration with Uber for Business, which allows companies to centrally pay for their employees’ Uber trips and automatically sync up the receipts.
David Barrett
David BarrettMaker@quinthar · Founder, CEO of Expensify
@rklau Glad you like it; lots of really good things on the way. Some more abstract thoughts here: https://www.linkedin.com/today/p...
Fareed Mosavat
Fareed Mosavat@far33d · VP Product, RunKeeper
I welcome the eventual head-on collision of expensify w/ tripit.
David Barrett
David BarrettMaker@quinthar · Founder, CEO of Expensify
@far33d Heh, that collision happened long ago.
Seth Berman
Seth Berman@sethjberman · Director of Engagement Marketing, Adobe
Awesome, and I look forward to using this feature. The screenshots are misleading though, as UberX is currently prohibited by the airport authority from picking up at SFO. UberBLACK and any other licensed TCP can pick up at SFO.