ExpenseBot 2.0

Expense reports done for you, not by you

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Hey folks! It's Ed, one of the founders of ExpenseBot. Version 2.0 is a big update for us and we think you'll love it as much as we do. New iOS and android apps, fully rethought web experience, much better flow, and as always, a super friendly support team that will help you out should you run into trouble! Make sure to use promo code: HEYMEOW when subscribing and you'll get 50% off your first year just for being you (and being obsessed with new products like us)!
I've been using this for awhile now and it keeps getting better and better. Simpler to use than some of the other tools and I can get reports submitted in minutes.
Wow, does this actually work? Huge pain point. My company uses Expensify and it's still so tedious. Will scope it.
@michaelpiliero We like to think it works :D If you have Q's definitely feel free to reach out via intercom right in the app. Look for a couple more key features to come out of beta this fall like automated integrations to email, calendar, and optional GPS on your device.
@ebuchholz @michaelpiliero Coo will give it a run this week.
Congrats on the new update! Love how you've made a lot of the small annoying things such as matching receipts, pulling transactions, consolidating dupes, etc super streamlined. Always the small things in aggregate that adds up to a great user experience :)
Thanks @charleyma! We do so much behind the scenes that it'd surprise you. Our goal is to make it indistinguishable from magic, and we're getting closer every day!
@ebuchholz will it be available in the UK?
Hey @tomflemming! Yes, works in the UK, though we're somewhat limited on UK bank integrations currently. More to come on that in the next few months... Otherwise currency conversion and OCR of receipts is all good.