An app that does your expense reports for you

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Congrats to Ed - always fun to see a Cleveland startup get some traction.
Expense reports are the worst, AMIRIGHT? :) The dashboard management looks slick but the site doesn't describe how expenses are entered into the system. It mentions automatically adding charges made on your credit card but it's unclear exactly how this works. Unsolicited feedback: the "Learn More" link tells me more information about the company and team but my expectation (and interest) is learning more about the product and how it works. I'd consider making that page more subtle and labeled as "About," which imo is a more accurate descriptor.
@rrhoover agree. Would love to hear from @ebuchholz.
@rrhoover Great points. We've actually not quite made the fully automated experience public yet, only private test users. Tons of tweaking yet to do as we gather data from the overall userbase. Available right now, you can link your credit cards and bank accounts (under the profile > link accounts area) and we assign a basic "Expenseability Index" to each transaction that comes from the card. Based on this and a threshold that you set for how often you want to create an expense report (maybe $1,000) we'll actually generate an expense report for you including the high expensability items. That’s just the start though, as you can take pictures of receipts which we OCR and soon we’ll be automatically matching them with your credit card transactions to eliminate as much effort as possible on the user side. Companies (who are our buyers) benefit by saving their team’s time and getting more timely and accurate expense reports. We've actually got a whole new website and UX rolling out in the next few weeks as well, so great feedback on the "Learn More" link. Think you'll like what we've got in store.
@ebuchholz @rrhoover looking forward to seeing OCR at work. I spend hours each month doing expenses and actually signed up for ExpenseBot a few days ago.
looks like ph traffic has taken the site down: http://www.uploady.com/#!/downlo...
@_jacksmith More like the current DNSimple DDoS unfortunately. http://dnsimplestatus.com/incide... The real winner of today's DDoS is http://map.ipviking.com/