Fastest + Easiest Heroku SSL

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Heroku seriously needs to just acquire this add-on and incorporate it into the core platform. I've been gradually migrating all my Heroku apps over to ExpeditedSSL as old certificates expire and the experience is so much better. Worth every penny!
Do they support cname functionality at the apex for naked domains?
@car1os It's not a replacement for the Heroku Endpoint, the service purchases and installs the cert for you directly into the Endpoint and then helps make sure you've setup DNS correctly, etc. Here's a speedrun where I use it to setup a new cert in about 3 minutes:
@mbuckbee That is pretty cool.
Good idea. SSL has been such a massive pain point. Nobody likes setting up a new cert.
We actually left Heroku just because of the terrible experience we had with our SSL certs.
@mzuvella What happened?!
@mbuckbee It was a nightmare trying to set up an EV cert...our current regular cert was pulled/broke so no one could access the site for like 3 days without getting the red warning of death. Lost hundreds of customers.
@mzuvella That's a little worrisome - I actually had on my list this week to add a new plan for EV certs. Will proceed carefully.
@mbuckbee This was in early 2012 so the process might have changed a little bit.
setting up SSL certs on Heroku is unbelievably painful no matter how you look at it, but especially in contrast to how seamless the rest of the Heroku process is. really excited about this add-on! @mbuckbee, can I use to renew my existing certificate?
@maiab Technically yes, but the user interface doesn't surface it well. Something close to 99% of our signups are for new cert setups, so it hasn't been a priority. If you use the add-on right now it will all work correctly and then on the back-end I'll push an update instead of a new endpoint provision for the cert. If you have any concerns/questions feel free to email me at support@expeditedssl.com.