Network drive for cloud storage. Access files on-demand.

- Map (mount) OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint, S3, FTP, SFTP and more as a fast network drive
- Supports macOS and Windows
- Builds cloud storage support into Finder, Explorer and all applications
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Jean Pierre R.
Marketing Director — Akulaku
I was looking for a really good network drive software that will help me connect several cloud storages and run it through one software instead of installing multiple software
@pierro Thanks! We've been working on this product for over a decade now. We think it's the best one around, and have a linux version coming soon!
Anna Filou
Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
Does this work just as well as installing the apps made by the cloud storage providers themselves? Like most people, I use multiple cloud storage services and having all these apps installed and running at all times is pretty annoying and I'm pretty sure it also slows the system down. Is this solution lighter on resources? What about security? Does it support multiple accounts from the same provider (e.g. 2 Google Drive accounts, 2 Dropbox accounts)? Can I have a whole Drive's contents saved offline and syncing whenever I'm back online (same as how the apps work)?
@anna_0x It supports multiple accounts from the same provider, and definitely strives to be light on resources. And yes, we support offline-sync if you want, just like a dropbox client. Security wise it's a direct connection between you and your cloud provider's API with nothing in between.
Why did Expanddrive refuse to honour the 20% discount promised to me on launch of Expand Drive 7. They charged the full price and have refused to refund the discount offered to entice me to subscribe ? Deceptive conduct.
Jack. ChMath teacher, linux user
It looks really good, but I have a concern about provacy / security: when configuring my access I will be giving my password to someone... my OneDive password is actually my e-mail password as well... My employer may not be very happy if I use tis app to sync. my work OneDive in my personal Laptop... How should I handle this?