Expandable for Android

The end-to-end partnership management platform

Expandable is the end-to-end platform for collaborating and communicating with your teammates and partners.

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Looks really promising and great for optimizing projects. How many people can use it internally and externally at the same time in the same project, do you have any limit?
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@gergana_todorova1 Hi Gergana, and thanks for your question. There is no limit for teammates or partners; you can add as many as you need. Unlimited users and unlimited projects. :)
@ivo_kanev thanks appreciated. Very good tool in this case - are the licenses per user paid or free?
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@gergana_todorova1 Expandable is completely free :)
@ivo_kanev Amazing! Thank you and great work so far
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I am currently working for an international company and I've been waiting for such end to end solution a long time. My personal obligations require communications via various tools as skype,email etc. whether we exchange multiple messages, screen shots and many more but this solution combine all this. So happy that finally I can switch to Expandable.
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@georgi_georgiev1 Thanks, Georgi. We hope you'll like it and it can serve your business needs. Please share with us any feedback to help us improve the product. Next week we will launch a dedicated "Feedback" section in the app, so our users can quickly report bugs and/or suggest changes and improvements.
@ivo_kanev Thanks, Ivo. I am looking forward to provide my thoughts as feedback next week.
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Today, we are launching Expandable for Android, just a week after we launched our web app. All features and functionalities from the web version are available on mobile now. As you can imagine, we are working on the iOS version as well and we hope to have it as soon as possible. Please sign up, give your feedback and help us improve Expandable.