VMs and object storage for cloud native applications.

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European cloud hosting for you and your team:

- build applications

- store data safely

- run heavy computations

Exoscale is an IaaS with full SSD VMs, S3 compatible Object storage, DNS and GPU servers. It is available in 4 zones: Geneva, Zurich, Vienna and Frankfurt.

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Roman Pramberger
Roman Pramberger@talkb1nary · Dev
Exoscale is by far the most comfortable hoster i worked with. Fairly priced (crazy cheap compared to swiss alternatives), beautiful interface and located in a place where my data is safe from evil govs and more. We use them at my company as well to host high availability e-government systems. Really can only recommend them!
Antoine COETSIERMaker@speed_track · CEO, Exoscale
@talkb1nary Thank you for the kind comment Roman. For sure European developers have to compromise in either features, simplicity or data privacy to benefit from the cloud. What we are building with Exoscale is a proper alternative to that, embracing cloud native apps with a simple and affordable product. Glad you like it. Antoine, Exoscale CEO
Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
Great to see @exoscale featured here :) Their product is a solid alternative to US cloud hosting companies. Being based in Switzerland is a major advantage when it comes to data safety (see this article on their blog). I've worked with Antoine (CEO) in a previous life and a bit with Pierre-Yves (CTO). Both of them know their share about hosting! @speed_track can you tell us more about Exoscale? I'm sure it could be interesting for other entrepreneurs here to read how you managed to hire such a great infrastructure/engineering team.
Pierre-Yves Ritschard
Pierre-Yves RitschardMaker@pyr · CTO, Exoscale
Hi, Exoscale CTO here, I hope you give Exoscale a test-drive and let me know what you think. We put a lot of effort in building a tailor-made service for people running applications in the cloud.