Reveal creepy trackers spying on you 👀, hidden in apps

Exodify is an open source browser extension, exposing in the Google's Play Store the many trackers hidden in android apps.

Like a #ghostery for the Google Play Store

Enough of the continuous harvesting and leaking of our data, as shown by the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, with the help of the apps we love, the apps we trust.

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Hello, my name is Valère, I am a French entrepreneur concerned about user privacy and how much users know about data harvesting, user tracking and its consequences. Thanks to the incredible work of the Exodus Privacy team (https://exodus-privacy.eu.org/), a French non-profit that discloses trackers in Android environment applications, I have been able to create this cool little browser extension that shows within the Google Play web interface the number of trackers found in one app and allow to compare with similar apps. And in the recent light of the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting story, I thought that this tool might be of interest to the PH community. Are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?
@valereonmobile so what traders does Google translate or WhatsApp have. Meaning what each tracker does or tracks. I know a google search will identify the trackers. Just figured there might be a description of each.
@androidlove there is a link to the full report on exodus privacy. You can find a description of each trackers on that report and a link to their website. Regarding Facebook acquired app or google services they are a trackers by themselves
@valereonmobile last question. Can the iPhone have the same type of tracking in its apps? Great service thank you!
Great job!! I’m expecting something same for iOS as well as Webpages
@ayush_chandra Thank you :) Unfortunately iOS is DRM locked, so such a tool for iOS is illegal (huge fine and jail and all :/). Anyway as most of the trackers also have iOS compatible SDKs, they might be as well be embedded in iOS apps. Notice that android is particularly open bar for trackers, a privacy nightmare.

just see it by yourself.

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exodify is a Jaw droping experience on the amount of creepy trackers hidden in every app we have on our phone. Its a must try !


very addictive

Great tool to discover who is spying.


Reveal the dark side of apps


List of app need to grow