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Hi Everyone, My name is Chris Blower and I am the CEO and Founder of Queen B Robotics. We are proud to introduce our flagship drone, the Exo360! This vehicle has 5 integrated 4K cameras, 360 degrees field of view, onboard video stitching and many autonomous flight features. My team and I built the Exo360 to enable user's to capture 360 video for their VR headsets and to experience the world from a new prospective! If you have any questions, feel free to ask at anytime and I will get back to you asap!
@chris_blower In your experience, what are VR companies doing wrong?
@datarade Great question! At the moment there are a limited number of companies that are trying to solve the current hardware limitations of VR and 360 video. The mass majority of companies selling 360 cameras, put a relatively high price point on their products, with the exceptions of Ricoh and Samsung (<$1000), thereby making it difficult for users to enter the VR market. To increase the acceptance rate of this amazing technology, we need cheaper tools, more content,and simplified stitching software. At the moment, you can be looking at several hours of editing and stitching for a few minutes worth of footage while using post-production tools, very few consumers are going to be willing to do that.
Nice work! Was a little confused between your comment and website - is each camera recording in 4K, or are the cameras lower and you get to 4K after stitching? If the former, are you able to record 5 4K streams to the SD card simultaneously? Anyway, looks cool! Eager to see more demo videos.
@lastbestmatt Thanks for your inquiry. So, each camera is 4K, once stitched the image that you see is 4K in every direction. Technically, the 360 video is stored as 12K file, within which you can only see a limited segment (4K) at a time because of the 360 image projection. I hope that answers your question, if you have any others please feel free to contact me at anytime!
Very cool.
I love it, i'll get one!
Yes! Love this and I for one welcome our new robot overlords.