What and how on photography, beautifully.

ExifShot is a desktop web application which let you merge your photo and exif tags into useful images other photographers can learn from.

If you are a photographer who likes sharing, talking or teaching photography — it's for you.

Have a look and thank you for your feedback!


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Love this. What inspired you to create this tool?
@kaigradert I'm not a serious photographer, but photography is something I enjoy very much. As a product designer by profession, I am continually seeking opportunities for new & unique projects that will blend photography and design. ExifShot is one of them. Thanks Kai.
@progressivered I really like the UX. Have you considered making the data display more subtle/compact? Right now it takes quite a lot of real estate on the card.
@progressivered Also, have you considered making this a service similar to Place Kitten (http://placekitten.com)? Say a blogger is writing an article and quickly wants to overlay the EXIF data on their images. They could pass the image URL to you, and you return the image to them. Could be a paid service with usage tiers.
@kaigradert Yes, I hear you. Currently, if you increase artboard width you get more space and tags can be resized and arranged tightly. Example: 540px width with @2x export and 1080px width with @1x export size will produce output images of the same size. Later can have tightened tags because there is more space to play with.
@kaigradert That's a nice idea Kai! I was thinking to provide some sort of embed feature in the future. Many caveats though, especially regarding privacy. Will see. Thanks for the feedback Kai, I really appreciate it.