Exercise Mix

Create customized workout routines with Youtube videos!

Easily create customized workout routines using exercise videos from Youtube. Then just follow along with your workout video. It will tell you how many times or how long you have to do an exercise (and you can add breaks too)!

You can also edit each video, trim it, loop it or time it. It also speaks the exercise name using Google's Wavenet TTS.

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Thanks PH for featuring my product. Really happy to see this on the homepage. I created this because I have been suffering from a little back pain and my doctor told me a bunch of exercises to do on different days. Since I couldn't find any one video I usually had to save different videos in my Youtube playlist. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to keep track and follow along as most videos have a lot of long intro, etc. So I wanted to make something in which I can put the relevant portion of the exercises with the ability to loop it and time it, so I can just follow along with the routine!
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Super impressed by this concept! Send like there’s quite a few different use cases made possible with this tool: recipe splicing, tutorials with multiple angles, dance routines, etc. really cool 💡!!
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@moeamaya wow never thought about that but it's true. a meta tool is in order i guess :)
Nice work San! Did you create the from scratch or use a platform to build it? What are you thinking about longer term for this solution? Any way to monitize it being that you are using thirdlart videos on YT?
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@tomkuhn thanks Tom.. yes created it from scratch. I'm using Vue for frontend and AWS Lambda for backend. Thr best part about this project is that it has 0 costs (main site is hosted on S3 with cloudfront delivery) while the backend runs on AWS lambda using lamdaphp (my own framework for creating sites on Aws lambda which gets 1mil free requests per month) Right now don't have any plans to monetize it. Maybe once it starts getting some traffic I will create upsells for customers but plan to keep the main site 100% free and ad free.
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Great idea! I'd add a mute/unmute for each video, Also saving only creates a new ID and then playing the movie creates another new ID which seems a bit odd (i'd really like to try crafting a video at work, doing it at home). Last request - edit rest type: There's a type of workout that has 3 rounds of 6 short workouts. 1st time around, you just chill during the 20sec rest. 2nd time around, you wait the rest out in plank position. 3rd time around, you wait the rest out doing mountain climbers.
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@itai_neter thank you.. that's exactly the kind of feedback i was hoping to get! I agree with you on all points and will try to incorporate them.. for the last one i think you can just find that type of rest video on youtube and insert it like the exercises for now (quick hack).
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Really, really good idea San!
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@pdziedzicz thank you :)
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