Executive Assault

RTS where you can also join the action as a single soldier

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Russ Frushtick
Russ FrushtickHunter@russfrushtick
Been a while since I've seen an RTS that lets you hop down into the action and then jump back up into the sky to command your army. There have been a few over the years, but I can't recall the last modern one. Def worth a look if you dig the RTS/FPS genre.
Vincent Leeuw
Vincent Leeuw@deleted-87512 · Owner, CX Works
@russfrushtick Yeah, I can only think of C&C Renegade from my own experience. The premise of such games has always been spectacular. I hope this one delivers!
Corey Pollock
Corey Pollock@cpollo01 · Product @ Shopify
Whoah! This look pretty awesome. The lack of FPS functionality has been something that's kept me away from the RTS genre in the past. Think I will check this one out :)
Jamie McIntyre
Jamie McIntyre@jamie_mci · Founder, Rewire Capital
I logged some serious hours on Uprising in the late 90's - this looks similar.