Exchange, by Shopify

Marketplace to buy and sell e-commerce stores

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Good idea from Shopify here. Reminds me of Flippa a bit, but where the money making opportunities are legitimized by the platform and historical transaction data is instantly verified. That adds a huge trust factor to a marketplace like this.
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@joshbarkin My thoughts exactly. Love the fact that data is instantly verified by the very platform you are purchasing the store for.
Great idea. Would like to see more functionality with search. For example, would be nice to sort by price, have some advance search options, etc.
@nrmadi sure thing! since we're just getting started we focused on getting listings (chicken and egg!) but we are now working on this :)
with every shop there is supply chain attached to it. I'm curious to see how the buyer would solve this issue. customers come for the product, not the brand itself. if buyer can't produce the same product anymore, then how can they make money?
@hadifarnoud a lot ecommerce stores either use a dropshipping model or hold inventory with 3rd parties so all of these can be transferred to the new owner :)
Great idea but right now it reminds me abit like it was when you could buy a business off eBay.... Shopify metrics are not possible to fake. Like using your own money to place orders, or sell items at a loss and recoup once you sell? Are rhere any other ways to verify data? Also traffic data doesn't seem to match similarweb?
Flippa is absolutely horrendous. This is a major benefit to the e-commerce marketplace space. Love seeing this!