A hub for crypto tokens and exchanges that support them.

ExChainged is a platform that lets you see crypto exchanges’ sphere with a bird-eye view, allowing you to search for the tokens and seeing which exchanges you can trade them on, as well as letting you search for exchanges to see the supported tokens on there.

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Naeem Noor
Naeem NoorMaker@naeemol · Web Developer / Hustler
Hey 👋, Azeem and I have been exploring more of cryptocurrencies & blockchain and found that it's kind of hard for people to find which tokens trade on which exchanges - we came to know about this issue after joining few Telegram communities like Ian's and Charles. We like the idea of blockchain and believe we should also take part in it for its success. For this, we managed to get the data of over 4000 tokens and 190 exchanges (updates in real-time) and allowed everyone to see which token is traded on which exchange. We also allowed on our platform to do conversions from one token to another so you can expect what you're getting if you spend x amount of your tokens/ fiat. The data we gather is from cryptocompare and isn't complete we believe - we looked into CoinMarketCap's API but it is paid and very expensive for us to afford. We plan to do add more features to this website but lack the resources of getting up to date data from APIs like that of CoinMarketCap. As soon as we manage to get access to the most up-to-date API with more endpoints, we will add more features.