Cold storage for anything that reminds you of your ex

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Put anything that reminds you of your ex into cold storage before cuffing season arrives.

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    As a minimalist, this is great. My apartment is tiny, and I don't need to use what little space I have being reminded of past relationships.


    I wish there was another service that could get my ex to give me back my hoodie without me having to face them directly haha

    This is just so on the nose haha.

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    This tool is so funny...I can't get over it.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Lol, creative marketing.
Rob Truglia
Rob TrugliaMaker@robtruglia · Brand at MakeSpace
Hey Product Hunters 👋 The team here at MakeSpace is super excited to share this new service we built for anyone dealing with a breakup. It’s pretty simple - no breakup is 100% clean, so we created ExBox to help you put any bad memories of your ex into cold storage. Just visit the site, set up your order, and we’ll get you a box to load all that stuff in so we can put it in storage for a few months (or as long as you want to be honest). I’ll be here all day to answer questions, listen to your feedback, or just dish out relationship advice too 🙏
Gabriel Whaley
Gabriel WhaleyHiring@gabriel_whaley · MSCHF.xyz
I think I'm also going to use this to get rid of things from a past job that I'd rather not remember :)
Amory Wooden
Amory Wooden@amory_wooden · Marketer + Mom
I'm happily married, but this is hilarious! I'm all for cleansing the home of bad energy and extra things...
Daniel Greenberg
Daniel GreenbergHunterPro@15greenberg · Making weird internet
This is a very "punny" name, and I love it