Showcase your ebooks library on a poster in your living room

Was kinda expecting a visual poster with all the book covers or spines. Granted you'll have to replace or extend it over time as your ebook library grows, but it would be a nice way for visitors and yourself to browse through your books.
Thank you Marc for your feedback. Indeed, it is a good idea that I can implement for the next version. For the moment, you just have the choice between six templates. @marckohlbrugge
I'm not sure how many people will be Printing qr posters for their wall, but the software side seems interesting
Thank you jack for the submission! The idea is also to save space in small appartements like people living in SF or Paris for instance :-) @_jacksmith
Fantastically pretentious.
@barryhand Seriously. Even if we don't buy the hard copy, we have to let other people coming into our apartment know it's in our digital shelf?
In the future, the idea is to print the QR code on the cover. People could scan it when you are in the bus for instance, and discover the book you're currently reading. @hiimfloyd @barryhand
Just create an account, add the books you have/are reading to the poster via a search menu and print! There's a little QR code on each poster so your friends can scan it with their smartphone to discover all the books you own.
Hello, I've made exandr. Please feel free to ask me questions about the product!