Exaking - Social & Local Crypto Trading

Connect with crypto traders & discuss over 1000 cryptos

Exaking is a social & local crypto trading platform. Making it easy to track prices of over 1000 cryptocurrencies and discuss every coin with other experienced crypto traders. You can meet people nearby and swap coins or acquire cryptocurrencies with cash. Simply keep your coins in your own offline wallet and keep track of your portfolio value.

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Join a large crypto community, learn new things from the world of blockchain technology every day, manage over 1000 cryptocurrencies in your portfolio and swap cryptocurrencies with people nearby. Do not miss any new trends and always stay up to date to optimize your investment. Totally free of fees to maximize your profits! Anonymous. Simple. Social. Free. Features: - Anonymity - Portfolio with over 1000 COINS - Writing posts and sharing them with all the crypto enthusiasts. - Following 1000 coins and thousands of crypto investors - Learning from popular crypto investors and connecting with them - 100% secure funds (due to possibility to keep coins in own offline wallet) - 100% no exchange fees (NO HIDDEN FEES)
@officialexaking I really interest & exiting to join
@officialexaking Удивительный проект благодаря ему проще становитца работать

The idea is perfect, combining a social network for crypto-enthusiasts with a portfolio mangement system and local exchange. However to make it work there must be a few more members.


Awesome idea. Clean, simple and social.


Not yet much users.

If the community is growing more this could become a big thing.
Awesome project
@officialexaking give us more information.
@phil_co Exaking solves current issues such as: lack of anonymity when buying and selling cryptos, high trading fees, risk of online exchange wallets being hacked, waiting lengthy periods to begin trading crypto, and finally - buying and selling cryptos with FIAT money in a multi-tool social trading platform. The platform acts as a peer-to-peer service. Exaking brings traders together - nearby or worldwide. People can start trading immediately upon registration and users will be able to find people nearby, in which they can begin negotiating with the other user. Exaking guarantees users’ anonymity, meaning that users can utilize FIAT currencies to purchase and trade cryptos without a bank account, credit card, or debit card. All of this accomplished with traders being able to keep their funds safe in their own offline wallet, hence making their funds 100% secure of online exchange hacks.