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The design is nice, but I feel as though technology already creates enough of an echo chamber. You grow and learn more when communicating with people that have different views on the world. If everyone was exactly the same, the world would be a very boring place.
Ken Cucchia
Ken Cucchia@kcucchia · ICO & STO Adviser l Partnerships @ SPARE
Dale Vivian Ross
Dale Vivian Ross@dalevross · President & CEO of Ross Squared
@tomfme I'd be inclined to agree. Talking only to people like you is a recipe for bliss in ignorance. Finding like minds is however useful for getting to a common end goal. That can be potentially dangerous as well, but no different than what already happens in universities, clubs or other cliques.
Natarajan H K
Natarajan H K@natarajanhk
@tomfme, @dalevross - 'exactly' wouldn't mean you both have exactly same views on everything. that is practically and even theoretically impossible (not sure Faisal agrees with me). It's all about having something in common that connects us initially. Connections are positive human emotions that build on common likings/ passions. For instance, we both may be super passionate about playing Tennis and that's probably how we connect initially but we may be supporting different players, have different political views. Especially true when it comes to music, movies, TV shows, food etc. - we like to share things with people who have similar taste and try things recommended by them. While we tend to believe we like to speak to people with opposite views, as human beings we are naturally comfortable with people who we have things in common with. These are the people we like to argue with because there is mutual trust, respect, affection already established. If there is nothing in common, the connection never forms in the first place. Just go through your friends list - every good/ decent friend you have is someone who you have something in common with. Isn't it?
Dale Vivian Ross
Dale Vivian Ross@dalevross · President & CEO of Ross Squared
@natarajan_hk @tomfme Agreed. Sometimes we're saying the same thing differently.
Faisal Hassan
Faisal HassanHunter@faisal_hassanx
"exactly.me is the world's first photo-based messaging platform that helps you find and instantly message people around the world who are exactly like you. It’s as simple as 1, 2 3… 1. score – Swipe photos to express your honest POV on just about anything. Love something? “me” it. Not so much? “not me” it, or even “so not me” it! 2. splore - Instantly explore and compare yourself with other people - just like you do IRL. With exactly.me, you can discover likeminded people in your neighborhood and even around the world based on who YOU ARE. Pretty clever, right? 3. spark! – Message anyone anywhere on earth via video and chat. Nuff said. Check out the video at: https://vimeo.com/179952395/f654f0ecbc "
Hussein shtia
Hussein shtia@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
Igor Ozherelyev
Igor Ozherelyev@oiv · CEO, LeadCooker
Nice & simple 👍 it's gonna work)
Moshe Mor
Moshe Mor@moshe_mor · VP Sales & Marketing, https://zoi.ai
I think it's a really good idea! Everyone wants their network and friends to be as similar to them as possible.