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Kyle BraggerHunter@kylebragger · made Exposure, Forrst, Tinyproj
I released this after a number of friends mentioned they'd been in search of something like it. It's a really simple way to search multiple design job boards at once. It probably could be much better as far as how it handles keyword searches, but nonetheless, it's live. Hopefully it's of some use to designer-folks looking for jobs. T'was a fun project to build.
Ryan Gilbert@ryangilbert · workspaced.com
@kylebragger awesome! how long do projects like this take you to build?
Kyle BraggerHunter@kylebragger · made Exposure, Forrst, Tinyproj
@_ryangilbert I did the frontend today in a couple hours. I worked on the backend stuff (scraper/aggregator bits) over the course of a week, but only an hour or so at a time.
Michael Champlin@mjchamplin · Designer & Storyteller
@kylebragger Can't wait to give this a shot! Should probably wait til I get home from work though, right? ;)