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I am thrilled to be here on PH. Not just because it's an awesome community (which it is) but because P2Bi really started out as a finance company with a little tech and now we're becoming a tech company with a lot of finance. We've been in market almost 18 months with our line of credit product and today we launched Ex-Factor which is a tech platform designed to help business owners of cool products get much better financing—financing that meets them where they are. This platform we've developed makes it easy not to just to get a loan, but to manage a loan. To understand what you're actually paying, stay on top of the accounting, and make sure you always have the funding you need as you grow. It seems simple, but it's been a long journey to get here (if you're interested in the nitty gritty story I wrote about it here: http://bit.ly/1GRmKW3), and we'd love your comments, your feedback, and whatever else you feel like sharing. We can give demos, too, just holler if you want one.
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@krismtl What kind of companies are really going to benefit from Ex-Factor?
@lizellevv Ex-Factor is designed for companies who are in that high growth phase so they need fast access to capital that can grow with them. Today they might need $100K but six months later they could need $500K (we've seen it happen so many times) and they need a finance product that can accommodate that growth. Our typical client is selling a product or service to large retailers and/or distributors who are placing new orders before the last one has shipped so cash flow is a huge challenge.
Hello PH community! I realize a line of credit is not the typical PH product listing...but we're actually a two-sided marketplace serving both growing businesses (like many of the products introduced on PH!) and investors who are interested in funding them. We're lending up to $5mm in some cases, so we have a pretty high diligence threshold. Our challenge is to abstract this away from our customers so we're not a total pain in their asses (for those of you that have been through a VC DD process or applied for a bank loan, you know what I mean). So we really view ourselves as needing to be very good at seamlessly collecting, analyzing and sharing information to quickly vet prospects and ultimately provide our customers with growth capital on an ongoing basis. Would love to get feedback on what we've built (unfortunately, we can't link a demo here publicly due to regulatory constraints on the investor side of our marketplace), but email me at bparks@p2bi.com.
I could not resist to share this ex-ceptional new Fin Tech product launch by Denver-based startup, P2Binvestor. Not only is this new product of theirs, ex-factor quite honestly disrupting Fin Tech, it's creative, it's clever and it's set to help growing companies scale easier then ever. Every growing company that is in major growth mode will love what the folks at P2Bi are up to. And you've got to watch the brilliant video.