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Hello good people of Product Hunt. I’m the maker of Evolvr.io. Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us. We started Evolvr.io, because we thought the story of a product and the growth of a company is so beautiful, but just not celebrated enough. We are looking to connect developers directly to their customers throughout the journey of a product evolution, and not just the beginning. Currently, our team has added the companies that they like, but starting today, we’ve opened up Evolvr.io for anyone who would like to add their company. Once a new company is added, it waits for moderation from us. This is just to make sure that the Evolvr.io provides high-quality content. Here’s a quick overview of how Evolvr.io is organized: We’re a bunch of passionate humans trying to provide a single place on the internet for people like you who care about the products that you use everyday. More info here: https://www.evolvr.io/pages/about/
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Amazing UI and UX. Love the thought put into the product. wish you all the best guys :)
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@harshamv Thanks much Harsha! Appreciate your feedback. We've got a huge roadmap ahead, as we mentioned in the about page - https://www.evolvr.io/pages/about/
Evolvr.io launching today inspired by IMDB aims to be the most comprehensive resource for information about a company ,its products and the makers behind them. See how each product has evolved over time, which companies or makers use a particular product and their reviews.
This is great! Early days but I'm curious to see more of this.
@illyism Hello Ilias, we're in the very early days of the product. But we wanted to get the idea across and build in public. Just like how @rrhoover published earlier. http://thenextweb.com/dd/2014/04... We are super excited to work on the next set of features that are there in our roadmap. 😁
Obviously early days with only 88 companies when I checked just now - mainly ones that are hyped today e.g. Uber, but no listings for IBM or Cisco - but it is clear what you are aiming to achieve and I wish you luck. You might want to check out http://permid.org as a unique identifier for the companies as that would mean customers could concord your data with other datasets in the future.
@companytrends That's exactly what we're trying to do. We really want to give the idea about where Evolvr.io is heading, in the next few iterations to come. Some of the companies might not have complete information, but we are filling them up real-fast. 👍