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This is the most utilitarian event discovery site I've seen. I love it. It gets straight to the point and scannable.
@rrhoover I see that you love event discovery products. This is not the first time you hunt them one by one :-) Our first product was looking like this (2 years ago). The real problem starts when you have thousands of sources with millions of events. Event discovery is a hard problem to solve - http://www.hughmalkin.com/blogwr... We are working for almost 4 years on https://getevents.co and still have major services to add to it before it will be what everybody is searching for.
@yanivpresler @rrhoover Perhaps thats exactly what is needed - just a simple grid, no fancy booking systems etc. Pure discovery. Also one thing getevents should take from evnnt is goelocation. That's pretty simple thing to do but makes so much sense that I don't need to add my city everytime I search for an event.
@kristapslazda What you see in our website (GetEvents) is not our consumer solution. This is an example of our white label that we are giving for travel companies :-) People can still use us to discover events but we are still working on our B2C model..
@yanivpresler @rrhoover I was just reading that article yday and enjoying it. We've done some very narrow work with events in some of our apps, and faced some of those same problems but not at the same level.
Wow. Useful for other countries too. I'm in Kyiv, Ukraine and got pretty good list of events. The only thing—for the site to change miles to kilometers for other countries.
@michaelbabich great idea - we will implement a km filter option
@michaelbabich the km filter is now live, thanks for the idea
@clipscom2015 Thaks. Very nice! BTW, you could by default switch based on location w/ option to select, like it is now. So, for a user visitior, for example, from Europe not to switch manually to km.
Thank you all for your kind words! Evnnt has been a passionate project for me and hearing that others love it as well is amazing. Southern California has a lot of fun things going on all the time, yet I was always checking multiple sites to get an "overview" of what to do. A one-stop-shop is something I wanted and inspired this site. I'm very happy that it's useful for people around the world. Thanks for checking us out!
@clipscom2015 This is so useful! My new go-to site for events. One small thing I noticed – the site is confusing streets with the same name in different boroughs in NYC. ex. Broadway in Manhattan vs. Broadway in Brooklyn. I think it might just be the Meetups, looks like the zip codes aren't being pulled over. Let me know if you want a screenshot or something.
@chrisxobrien Awesome! Glad you like it. Zip codes -- we will look into that, thanks!