Peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging

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We're on a mission to accelerate EV adoption by making charging easy, reliable, and accessible to all.
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    Great app and easy to use. As a Nissan Leaf owner, EV Match gives me options in my neighborhood to charge close to home.


    Fantastic App - with more downloads, the network will grow!

    There aren't any chargers around me in the city from major charge networks and I don't have a garage. EV Match allows me to stay charged, help my neighbors make a little cash, and saves me from having to buy an expensive garage spot. Every Electric Vehicle owner should download this useful app and plug into their network!

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    Great product that makes EV ownership easier and lets those who have a charger at home make use of it.


    Not yet a lot of chargers on the platform in the SF Bay Area, but I look forward to seeing the platform growing!

    Keep up the great work!

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Heather Hochrein
Heather HochreinMaker@heather_hochrein · CEO, EVmatch
Hello Everyone! I’m Heather, the Founder and CEO of EVmatch. EVmatch is a peer-to-peer network of electric vehicle charging solutions. We make it simple to find, reserve, and pay for a charging station when and where you need it. We put charging back in the hands of the electric vehicle community. This way charging benefits actual EV drivers rather than the bottom line of a major company. You can also rent out your EV charger with no fees. By leasing your station to the tens of millions of EV drivers that will soon be on the road, anyone can earn extra income in the new energy economy. Anyone who has the EVmatch app can list their charger as available for use on the network. At EVmatch, we’re working to cut carbon emissions and improve local air quality. And the more electric vehicle drivers that join us at EVmatch, the faster we can make that dream possible! ProductHunter Discount: We really appreciate being on ProductHunt, and are therefore giving all ProductHunters a free $25 in charging credit. When you sign up for EVmatch, list ProductHunt as the referral and we’ll add $25 to your wallet. Give us your feedback: Please give us a try and give us feedback. Either here on ProductHunt or through support@evmatch.com. The more feedback we get, the better EVmatch can be.
Sounds like an amazing product, I believe in electric cars and in any product that supports a green future. Thank you!
Tammy Marc
Tammy Marc@tammymarcello44
i'm a big producthunt lurker, had to sign up to comment that people like you and this product are the reason our future won't be as bad as many people want to believe it will be.
Heather Hochrein
Heather HochreinMaker@heather_hochrein · CEO, EVmatch
@thaddyhollan Thanks for your feedback and support! The EVmatch team sees electric vehicles as a critical step towards a sustainable energy future. We're here to make it easier for everyone to own and operate these cleaner cars.
Heather Hochrein
Heather HochreinMaker@heather_hochrein · CEO, EVmatch
@tammymarcello44 That's awesome to hear! Glad you're so excited about EVmatch we got you on board to ProductHunt. I have a lot of hope for a brighter future, one that's collaborative, sustainable, and equitable. We see innovations in clean tech and our entrepreneurial community playing a key role. Thanks for your support and please reach out with any ideas as we grow EVmatch.
Sarah Selhi
Sarah Selhi@sarah_selhi · CEO, SpaceiShare
@evmatch @heather_hochrein This is a great product! It's smooth and seemless and best thing about it - it's good for the planet. Way to go!
Alexander Kehaya
Alexander Kehaya@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
So stoked to see you guys on Product Hunt! love what you're building!
Heather Hochrein
Heather HochreinMaker@heather_hochrein · CEO, EVmatch
@afkehaya Thanks! I've appreciated your feedback since day 1. Excited to keep building!
Vanessa Perkins
Vanessa Perkins@vanessa_perkins · Charge Rage
Awesome product that could fill gaps in EV infrastructure cost-effectively AND equitably. EVmatch has partnered with me for a Chicago peer-to-peer charging pilot that would make EV ownership and usage easy and affordable across the city, not just in the suburbs with single family homes! EVmatch solves range anxiety, equity, and maximizes benefits of electric cars!
Heather Hochrein
Heather HochreinMaker@heather_hochrein · CEO, EVmatch
@vanessa_perkins Stoked to have you as a partner in Chicago! We know EVmatch can serve a huge need there and will make EVs more accessible to apartment dwellers. We can't wait to be up and running there soon!