Evive Toolkit

Embedded platform to learn, prototype & debug with ease

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Hi Product Hunters, We've developed evive, an all-in-one embedded platform for the maker community. Students, hobbyists, DIYers, hackers and researchers can use this for learning & developing STEM skills, prototyping, making projects & experimental setups and debugging. The idea came to us while we faced problems debugging our robots during a robotics competition. Please find more about evive here [http://evive.cc/techSpecs.html] and let us know how useful this can be. Ask us anything!
@dhrupal93 This is really, really neat. Good luck with your campaign. Also, the beginning of the video made me smile :)
@tborenst Please tell us suggestions to include some additional features for robotics which will be very useful for makers
Hi, We have developed a dual channel mini oscilloscope feature in evive, made with 24-bit analog to digital converter (ADE7912), and is capable of sensing voltage in range of ± 30 volts and ± 5 volts with accuracy up-to 3mV. It also have current sensing ranging from minus ± 3 amperes. The features that we have included are voltage scaling, current scaling, time scaling, offset, trigger, scanning modes. You can also save and transfer your data to SD card.
Let us know which features we should also include in the mini oscilloscope.